Leads.  We help businesses generate them.

Finding leads for new business is a daunting prospect. Often the person you rely on to rely on to make the number of telephone calls that is needed gets bogged down.  They have to react to current enquiries or day to day administration. Orders coming in today take priority over prospects that may or may not come in in the future.  You need both.  A strong pipeline is the goldmine of every company.

Outsourcing your telemarketing to Tailormade Sales & Marketing ensures a consistent focus is kept on this pipeline.   You get the benefit of an Account Manager with years of experience.  They create quality leads without any of the ongoing costs. We become a trusted member of your team managing your data to capitalise on every opportunity.

Lead management is a long-term commitment to sales and is an on-going job. The needs of a company change from week to week.  Unless you happen to be speaking to them in the week they decide they need you, you may not be able to convert any new business at all.  See more about our service here:

If you’re not calling, your competitors will be!