No exercise for 6-8 weeks?

I don’t think so……..

Exercise is a crucial part for one of our team members.  She runs at least 3 times a week.  It keeps her physically and mentally fit and without it, she’s known to get a bit grumpy and negative  (her words!!).

Despite not being a fast runner, the damage she did to her ankle on Friday was a shock.  She fell and couldn’t get back up.  The next couple of hours whilst en route to the hospital and then waiting in A&E was painful and disheartening as the implications of what she might have done kicked in, but when her husband told her about Tony Finau the golfer who dislocated his ankle whilst playing in the Masters Golf Tournament last Wednesday and was back playing on the Thursday, she started to think more positively.   “If it can be done I can do it” is always her attitude.  She focused less on the pain and more on the positive

Good news followed when the X-ray confirmed it was just a bad sprain (who knew you would hear a snap from just a ligament tearing?) and from that moment on the pain began to reduce and the world seemed a brighter place once again.

Armed with a pair of crutches (much to her kids delight!)  she headed home to begin the 6-8 weeks recovery.  It’s now day 3,  she has stopped taking the pain relief and only occasionally uses the crutches to get around outside.   (apparently it’s amazing how high you can get your heart rate using crutches…..).

Heels at a black tie do in 2 weeks are looking back on the cards………

How incredible is positive thinking?  The power of the mind never ceases to amaze us. Never, ever underestimate it.

Oh and the image explains why you shouldn’t let kids have a go on crutches………

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