Seminar MaximisationEvent Promotion

In the competitive business environment, marketing to your potential clients can be very challenging when faced with frosty gate keepers or no names policies.

Seminars, events, product launches, open days or speaking engagements can be powerful ways to present your products and services to your prospects which can then lead on to powerful one to one meetings. These events can be small, local networking events or large events involving 1000’s of attendees. The key here is to create an event that is enticing enough for them to register to attend and then maintain their interest levels so that the final attendee numbers are in line with pre-registered predictions.

Using the combined skills of our Meetings and Sales teams, we will:

  • Help design or create an event that will be of interest to the potential clients
  • Create registration systems that give the client confidence that the event will be one worthy of attending
  • Contact those in advance who have not responded to ascertain whether or not they intend to come along
  • Keep in touch with those that have registered by phone and / or email to ensure they feel it is still relevant for them to attend the event

Recent client feedbacks states:

“Thanks for the work that you did in generating bookings for this event – they continue to trickle in.  The client is very pleased with the results achieved.”