InviteEvent Promotion

In the competitive business environment, communicating with your prospects can be a challenge and demotivating if you get rejections or you can not get through.

Seminars, events, product launches, open days and speaking engagements can and should be powerful and profitable ways to present your products and services to your prospects.  The end result being that they lead to new business opportunities.  No matter the size, the key is to create an event that grabs the interest of the audience, encourages them to register, gains their commitment to attend and ensures they are left wanting to find out more.

Using the event management skills, we will:

  • Help design, create and manage an event to grab the attention
  • Input registration systems that are slick and easy to use
  • Keep in constant communication with the attendee throughout the whole process to ensure maximum numbers are achieved and delivered.
  • Follow up post event
  • Manage the pipeline that will lead to the next one.Recent client feedbacks states:

“Thanks for the work that you did in generating bookings for this event.  The client is very pleased with the results achieved.”