Lead ManagementWorkshops on Telemarketing

We really believe Telemarketing is one of the best techniques to engage with current clients and nurture new prospects.  We regularly share our knowledge and experience with you and your team in these workshops.

We offer Workshops, Bespoke Training Courses and One-One coaching all of which help us spread the word that when it’s done well, telemarketing is by far and away the most cost effective way of telling the world about your business, product and service.  Read some of the feedback here from past attendees:

  • “Very relevant information delivered very well. Nothing I didn’t enjoy”
  • “Networking, amount of information shared, easy to follow start to finish with clear structure to put in to practise, upbeat and interesting, knowledgeable presenter”
  • “The information was really helpful and I am clear on what I need to do before I pick up the telephone! Presenter came across really well. He had a personable style and was really helpful with answering questions. It was a great masterclass”
  • “Thorough in time we had and concise”
  • “I felt the way in which it was delivered was interesting, the subject matter of the masterclass was covered very thoroughly, and it was just the right length as to not lose attendees engagement.”

Workshops are now open for booking as below and via this link:

  • Thursday September 20th from 0930 – 1630
  • Thursday October 25th from 0930 – 1630
  • Wednesday November 21st from 0930 – 1630